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April 2022 Client Newsletter

Hello Again! 

First Some Announcements: 

Tax documents are available.  You can access them online or they will be mailed to you.  If you still haven’t seen them, please call and we can get yours printed and sent right away.   

Recent Blog Posts include: If You’re Seeking Professional Guardianship, Prepare Yourself For These Financial Responsibilities, 62, 70 or Somewhere In Between?  It’s Time to Answer the Question Once and For All: When Should I Claim Social Security?,  The Ebike Tax Credit Is Here! What Ebike is Right for You?, and more.  To read visit: AscendInvestment.com/GarrettsGarage  

Tax Season and Review 

Ever year after taxes are filed is the best time to start planning for the coming year.  When you are ready, we are happy to evaluate your annual taxes for any additional financial planning opportunities.  With tax laws ever changing we want to be up to date and this new software will help us do that at no extra cost to you! 

Once you have completed your 2021 tax return follow the simple process to upload your last two years of tax returns for evaluation.   

  1. Reply to this email that you have taxes you would like to be assessed.   
  2. Securely upload your electronic 2020 and 2021 electronic tax returns by going to https://ascendinvestment.com/resources/secure-file-upload
    1. Password: 40642
  3. Go on with your life, we will be in touch.   

In the background we will examine your taxes against the ever-changing laws to see if there are new opportunities worth exploring.   In two to four weeks, we will reach back out if we find anything.   

Scammers Are Getting Smarter in 2022: 5 Ways to Spot Them Online, Over the Phone, and In Person 

In a recent blog post we covered a few ideas to help prevent and avoid scammers.  Tax season is always a time when scammers keep getting bolder.  Here are five red flags to watch out for, and to read the whole article click here. 

Five Red Flags of Scammers: 

  1. They Make an Identity Claim
  2. They Need Your Personal Information Immediately
  3. You Must Wire Money
  4. The Scam Does Not Apply to You
  5. It Is Too Good to Be True 

Be careful out there, it is better to be overcautious.  And if you have questions about a particular phone call, email or letter please reach out!


We appreciate you, your families, and your business! 



Garrett G. Smith

Financial Advisor

Ascend Investment Partners


Paul M. Norman, CFP®

Senior Financial Advisor

Ascend Investment Partners





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Ascend Investment Partners is not a legal or tax advisor. You should consult with your attorney, accountant and/or estate planner before taking any action.  


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