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Client Newsletter August 2019

Hello Again!   

We hope all is well with you and your family and you have had a fun summer. 

Here is a selection of four books we have found noteworthy.  What have you been reading?  Hit reply to this email and let us know, we always appreciate a good recommendation.    

Everest 1953 by Mick Conefrey

“Drawing on first-hand interviews and unprecedented access to archives, this is a groundbreaking new account of that extraordinary first ascent.  In a thrilling tale of adventure and courage, Mick Conefrey reveals that what has gone down in history as a supremely well-planned attempt was actually beset by crisis and controversy, both on and off the mountain.”  -Publisher’s Summary 

Insight: Why We’re Not as Self-Aware as We Think, and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life by Tasha Eurich
“Do you understand who you really are? Or how others really see you? We all know people with a stunning lack of self-awareness – but how often do we consider whether we might have the same problem?” -Publisher’s Summary  

What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe

“In pursuit of answers, Munroe runs computer simulations, pores over stacks of declassified military research memos, solves differential equations, and consults with nuclear reactor operators.   His responses are masterpieces of clarity and hilarity, complemented by signature xkcd comics.  They often predict the complete annihilation of humankind, or at least a really big explosion.”  -Publishers Summary 

The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism by Doris Kearns Goodwin
“As she focused on the relationships between Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt in No Ordinary Time, and on Lincoln and his team in Team of Rivals, Goodwin describes the broken friendship between Teddy Roosevelt and his chosen successor, William Howard Taft.  With the help of the “muckraking” press – including legendary journalists Ida Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens, William Allen White, and editor Sam McClure – Roosevelt had wielded the Bully Pulpit to challenge and triumph over abusive monopolies, political bosses, and corrupting money brokers.” -Publisher’s Summary   


Garrett G. Smith
Financial Advisor

Paul M. Norman
Senior Financial Advisor

P.S. – We are happy to act as a second opinion to your family and friends.  If they, or you, have questions about investment planning, investing, insurance, or money in general please reach out to us! 


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