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Client Newsletter February 2020

Email Subject Line: Ascend Investment Partners February Newsletter – News vs. Noise 

Hello Again! 

What do the following all have in common?

  • Coronavirus
  • Qassem Soleimani killed
  • Brexit
  • Ukrainian plane shot down
  • Death of Kobe Bryant
  • Australia, Brazil, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Indonesia all had major natural disasters
  • The impeachment trial of President Trump
  • Major developments on Middle Eastern peace plans
  • Conflicts in Libya and Syria

Can you believe that all of this happened in January 2020?  What a month!
With 24/7 news, major stories are always breaking.  It is easy and understandable to be nervous about any given headline.  But how many headlines can you remember from December of 2019?  What about from a year ago?

Since news happens every day, we always ask ourselves, “How will this news impact the companies we own or hope to own?” More often than not the answer I give is: “It doesn’t.” So, what does impact company prices?

Generally, we believe, in the short-term emotion and in the long-term it’s company fundamentals.

Keeping the focus on the long term can help when the bumps feel too large.  

Our goal is to keep an eye on the fundamentals, and you enjoy living your life instead of stressing about the short-term emotion.  


Garrett G. Smith
Financial Advisor
Ascend Investment Partners

Paul M. Norman
Senior Financial Advisor
Ascend Investment Partners


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