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Client Newsletter June 2019

Hello Again and welcome to those who have recently joined us.  This monthly newsletter is written by Paul and Garrett and we cover a wide rage of topics not just market news.   

We hope all is well with you and your family and you have been safe in your comings and goings. 

Reading is something we do all the time.  Not only do we read about the financial markets and investment planning, but we read to broaden our knowledge about different subjects, areas, and for some fun.  Below is a list of books and articles that we found enjoyable and thought you would as well. 

The Best Small Cities to Start a Small Business
There is a reason we live in Cache Valley.   Not only is it a great place to live but Verizon recently released the best small cities to start a small business, check out #1.

I Can’t Answer These Texas Standardized Test Questions About My Own Poems
 “When I realized I couldn’t answer the questions posed about two of my own poems on the Texas state assessment tests (STAAR Test), I had a flash of panic – oh, no!   Not smart enough.  Such a dunce.  My eyes glazed over.  I checked to see if anyone was looking.  The questions began to swim on the page.  Waves of insecurity.  My brain in full spin.”  

Mr. Rogers Had a Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Children
“The TV legend possessed an extraordinary understanding of how kids make sense of language.”

Client Recommended: Master and Commander (Aubrey-Maturin Series) – By Patrick O’Brian
“This, the first in the splendid series of Jack Aubrey novels, establishes the friendship between Captain Aubrey, R.N., and Stephen Maturin, ship’s surgeon and intelligence agent, against a thrilling backdrop of the Napoleonic wars.”  

Lot Smith: Mormon Pioneer and American Frontiersman – By Carmen R. Smith and Talana S. Hooper
Garrett here: A little slice of my family history.   Lot Smith is my great-great-grandpa and these two authors have put together fifty years of research into this book.  It is an interesting read that shares the life of a unique man.  His life includes the Mormon Battalion, the rescue of the Willie and Martin handcart companies, the Utah War, and the colonization of the Arizona Territory.  


Garrett G. Smith
Financial Advisor

Paul M. Norman
Senior Financial Advisor

P.S. – We are happy to act as a second opinion to your family and friends.  If they, or you, have questions about financial planning, investing, insurance, or money in general please reach out to us! 


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