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Client Newsletter March 2019


With tax season upon us a lot of documents get passed around physically and electronically.   Staying secure online is more than regularly changing your password.  Here are four tips to help keep you safe online1

  1. Don’t share personal information with those you do not know.  This can include your name, address, phone number, social security number, names of family members, and even a name of a pet.
  2. Avoid overshare private details on social media.  Check your privacy settings regularly to limit access to your life’s details.
  3. Public Wi-Fi networks are unsecure.  These are networks that are usually available at public places such as restaurants, airports, and malls.   If you do use a public Wi-Fi network, we recommend using a VPN to help encrypt your information.
  4. Be vigilant on email.  Make sure you can see the sender’s email address and not just their name.  If you are not sure about who sent the email, DO NOT click links. 

Good luck with your taxes and if we can be of help getting all your papers together or if you have questions about your online privacy please give us a call. 


Garrett G. Smith
 Financial Advisor

Paul M. Norman
Financial Advisor


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  1. https://communications.wellsfargoadvisors.com/lifescapes/4-tips-help-protect-online/