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Client Newsletter September 2019

Hello Again!

Every day you and I spend money.  Some days it’s a little and other days a lot.   

Often the conversations we have when sitting down with each of you is around HOW you spend your money and WHY you are spending it in such a way.  We love these conversations because of the joys that it brings up and the excitement when someone is spending money they have planned and saved for.

One thing that is surprising is how different the spending goals are.  Some are buying RV’s to travel the country, others are wanting family vacations, some new side by sides, and others even in buying and restoring old stoves.  The common thread we have seen in all of these is those who spend money that is aligned with their priorities brings the most joy.  

Think about the most important things in life, it could be family, it could be travel, it could be luxury, or even peace and quiet.  Now look at your spending over the last three to six months.  Is your spending in line with your priorities and goals? 

Pick one area that you think is important and focus a little more of your extra funds to that area.  For example, if family time brings you a lot of joy, maybe take the kids/grandkids to the zoo and spend the day with them.  Then come back and let us know about how you spent your money and why you spent it in the way you did.  These are the best stories!

We look forward to hearing from you! 


Garrett G. Smith
Financial Advisor

Paul M. Norman
Senior Financial Advisor

P.S. – We have been receiving a lot of referrals over the last few months.  Thank you to everyone who has shared our contact information with your friends and family! 


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