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March 2023 Client Newsletter

Hello Again! 

First Some Announcements: 

  • When you have a minute come join us for an in-depth conversation about all things financial on the “Your Investment Partners Podcast”.  Recent episodes include What To Do With Extra Savings and The SECURE ACT 2.0 What you Need to Know.   
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    2. To Listen Online Click Here 
  • Recent Blog Posts include: Life Stages That Impact Your Life Insurance Needs, Caring for Older Loved Ones: The Financial & Lifestyle Impact, Budgeting for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience, and more. 
    1. To read visit: Click Here  
  • Cash Management
    1. Short term money market rates have continued to rise.   If you have additional cash sitting in a checking or savings account earing very little interest, CD rates, money market rates, and bond rates offer a compelling alternative.  Give us a call to discuss your situation!
  • Tax reports are available.  If you have online access you can login to the TradePMR portal and they will be under Documents.  Please let us know if we can be of help getting your reports to you or your tax professional.   

401(k) Management: 

          401(k)s are one area where we get a lot of questions.  The most common question is “Can you manage this for me?”   Historically the answer to that question has been, no.  Thankfully that changes today.  We now have the ability to help manage you 401(k) from select providers.  An advantage is comprehensive account management and asset allocation strategies.  Balancing your 401(k) with what else you have going on may lead to better outcomes.  If this applies to you, reply to this email and let’s talk! 

Principals of the Investing 

Investment principals are the building blocks of a strong portfolio. They are the rules, processes, or ideas that guide how you should invest your money. We use our investment principals like a backbone. Strong to support a whole body but flexible enough for each situation. To do well with investing, it's important to find these principals, use them, and keep using them for a long time. The following principals are the building blocks for our core portfolio. 

  1. The future is unknown.
    1. Seems obvious but needs to be said. It's easy to forget this in the face of a smooth-talking individual or an overwhelming pile of charts and graphs. And isn't that wonderful! 
  1. Time tested for robustness and researched for precision.
    1. A solid investment thesis works overtime. One-Hit Wonders are great to top the charts but can turn poor for long-term investing success. Research is used to stress test a portfolio in many hypothetical situations. This process leads to trimming unnecessary pieces and sharpening core elements. Remember the first principle and prepare for a wide range of situations. 
  1. Embrace Uncertainty
    1. Uncertainty, risk, or volatility shows up in different ways in an investment portfolio. Embracing uncertainty, in a rational diversified way, may lead to long-term investment success. Embrace uncertainty because it's never going away. 
  1. Diversify in the Face of Uncertainty
    1. Work to diversify the risks of uncertainty. If you had tomorrow’s newspaper today, you could make very different investment decisions. But since we don't, diversification has historically shown to be a great way to face uncertainty. Diversification in investing is using complementary pieces to build a more robust portfolio. Some examples are different asset classes, regions of the world, factors, and investment vehicles. 
  1. Sleep Well and Stick With It
    1. Even the most robust portfolio will go in and out of favor. It will zig when you are expecting it to zag. But the best portfolio will always fail if you can't stick with it. Customization will help but it’s up to you to stick with it. Time in the market seems to be far more important than timing the market.


By sticking to these principles through all market cycles we believe we will continue to find success for years to come.    

We appreciate you, your families, and your business! 



Garrett G. Smith

Financial Advisor

Ascend Investment Partners


Paul M. Norman, CFP®

Senior Financial Advisor

Ascend Investment Partners





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