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About Me

I have always had an interest in money.  Dollars can be anything, from candy from the Island Market to a car that unlocks the world.  The flexibility of money is incredible.  Ever since I earned my first dollar I was hooked.

In elementary school the local credit union came into the school so that we could open a savings account.  The secretary at the school, Mrs. Eggleston, would keep a record as each one of us deposited and withdrew money.  (Looking back her patience had to be incredible as each one of us were adding at most a dollar at a time.  Thank you Mrs. Eggleston may you rest well!) I remember trying to get as much money in there as I could because I didn't need it, thank you Mom and Dad, and there was more money in the account each time I went in and checked.  It was awesome! 

The next major financial step was learning about the stock market.  In middle school someone came by the class and talked about stocks.  I was blown away that it was possible to own a piece of someone's labor and mental work.  A slice of a company.  I could be an owner of a bank, a technology company, or really anything I wanted.  For some reason that seemed more powerful than Superman.  

I bounced along through school and through various interests and in 2009 I heard about Bitcoin.  I downloaded my first miner and have been following the space ever since.  

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Physics and a Masters Degree in Financial Economics from Utah State University.  After graduation, I become a professional investor and financial advisor in 2013.  I believe this is a great space where I can make a difference.  

Most marriages and families suffer because of financial problems.  Getting the basics right and avoiding the major potholes in finance can make all the difference.  One unique feature about finance is that you can hire someone to do it for you.  You can't hire someone to eat your veggies but you can hire someone to help you save and invest properly.  My favorite clients are those who would rather live their life than be consumed by all the little decisions money brings in their life.  I have solved and am solving these problems and can do it for you as well. 

I have taught ski lessons to the young and old, religion to high school students, and finance in college.  I love teaching and the difference it can make in someone's life.  

I am a father where I am humbled daily by the life that children bring.  I am married to a wonderful woman who helps remind me that money is worth spending to improve quality of life.  (I once said I would rather sit in a dark room so I could save money to invest.  And yes I am convinced, electricity is great!)

My focus is on the big and small.  From large trends to small companies that are trying to grow.  I focus on writing about The CLIMB Process, Bridge Spending, and The Three S's (Story, Sales, and Skin in the game).  

Money doesn't make life worth living but having a little bit of money helps make a life well lived.