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Our Answer's to the 7 Questions to Ask any Financial Advisor

Asking the right questions is key to finding the right financial advisor.  These questions are just a starting point.  A good relationship takes work and communication from both parties.  It is better to look for more clarity up front than to second guess later.  

Here is our answers to our top seven questions:

  • What is your long-term continuity plan?
    • There is a reason there is six of us.  We operate as a three groups of two, so in case something happens to me, Paul Norman will be aware of your situation and will be able to help.  (He would also join us on our next deep dive discussion.  
  • Are your recommendations truly in my best interest and how do I know?
    • We are a registered fee-only registered investment advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest.  But more importantly we will explain our decisions and actions so that we can find agreement to act in your best interest.  
  • Can you tell me more about how you invest and plan personally?
  • How often will I hear from you and what is the best way to reach you?
    • The phone lines are always open, feel free to call anytime with questions.  We have a monthly newsletter that is emailed with current financial planning topics.  At a minimum we will sit down, or over zoom, once a year to review however complex situations we will meet according to your comfort level.  
  • What financial problems will you help me solve and how have you done that for your current clients?
    • We are wholistic planners meaning we will look at your estate documents (your will and trust), your tax burdens, and investment plan.  We plan to minimize taxes and improve investment performance.  Our clients range in size from just starting out to tens of millions.  In addition we coordinate with your other financial professionals to ease the burden of implementation because the cost of a mistake is too high.  
  • What happens when we disagree?
    • At the end of the day it is your money.  We will clarify and adjust to meet your needs and will be direct if we believe the decisions you are making are taking you away from your long term goals.  
  • How do you get paid and where can it be found?
    • We charge monthly in arrears.  Meaning, every month there is a deduction taken from your account based off the previous month balance.  That way we grow with you and feel the pain of a bad market.  This allows you to decide each month if we are worth the cost.  

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