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Reasons for Optimism - Part One of Many

I am very optimistic about the future.  This is not head in the sand optimism either, I see the troubles around, there are obstacles to overcome, but I believe the Roaring 20's is possible once again.  Here are three simple examples.

1. Technology is growing into areas of low regulation. 

Historically regulation lags behind technology.  This is both good and bad, as it allows areas to grow quickly but also at the expense of corruption or false claims.  Two areas where growth is happening quickly, space and virtual reality.  It is regulated to get to space, you can't just go launch a rocket from your back yard but the vast expanse of space is open for possibilities.  Currently space networks and infrastructure are being built which will open the door to uncharted lands.  

Virtual reality is already here.  Look at the gaming sector.  Some of the fastest growing games are 'world building' games.  Players are creating spaces of their own design and living in them.  They are modifying their characters and environment to an increasing degree that leads to a world where possibilities are endless.  As the great Walt Disney said "It's kind of fun to do the impossible."  Both of these technologies lead to doing the impossible.

2. Reduced cost of learning and technology.

With voice connected devices, which can cost only a few dollars, anyone can learn.  A child can ask questions to the greatest library the world has ever seen.  More and more people have the opportunity to learn as much as they can.  It's easy to loose patience on a constant stream of why's from a curious child.  But it is possible to ask questions to Google, Alexa, Siri, and many others and the great thing is they never get tired.  They never take a break.  We are living in a world driven by curiosity.

3. Global access with local security

Just as pandemics spread in a global connected world so do the best ideas.  It is messy, clumsy, and not efficient but eventually great ideas make it.  The next cancer saving drug can come from anywhere in the world and everyone can know about it.  The knowledge of COVID-19 traveled the world far faster than the disease itself.  

The downside of global connection is security.  But let me share a scenario that I believe is right around the corner.  Take for example your medical records.  Instead of having the doctor maintain and hold the records like they do right know, you have secure control of all your own records.  Then you grant the doctor permission to view your records.  It may be a simple shift but having personal control over your personal information can lead to higher levels of safety than one repository of information.  

Good things are out there and there is plenty to be optimistic about.  Keep an eye on this series, I will continue to highlight areas where we should be full of optimism.  

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