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Two Considerations For Your Thirties

Two Considerations for Your Thirties

Your thirties are a time where previous decisions start to pay off and you start setting yourself up for the next phase of life.  This time of life is full of changes, moving, changing jobs, having kids, saving, preparing for a future.  Today let’s cover two main areas, what to do when you change jobs and what financially should you consider when having kids.   

  1. What to do about changing jobs

Changing jobs brings a host of decisions.  

Two things to consider are: what to do with old retirement accounts, such as a 401k, and secondly; adjusting for new income levels.  A new job often comes with a pay increase and reviewing new spending and savings levels is important.  It is easy to start spending and neglect savings, and that is fine as long as it is a deliberate decision and not just a default decision.  What to do with an old retirement plan can be complicated, a few options are to rollover to your new retirement plan, if allowed.  Another idea is to roll it to an IRA and possibly convert traditional funds into a Roth IRA.  Letting your goals drive that decision will likely lead to a better outcome.


  1. What to consider when having or adopting a child?

Having a child, like getting married, is a very complicated question.  Though it may be easy to do, it is a life changing decision.  As a father of three, I had no idea what it was really like to have kids.  But I want to highlight a few financial considerations.  The first is childcare – is someone staying home?  Are you hiring a professional?  Will family be supporting?  All of these have different levels of financial commitment, for example if someone is staying home, how do you plan on covering for the loss in income?   Reviewing your new budget is a huge consideration – you will be buying A LOT of diapers.  The second consideration is life insurance.  A loss of a job due to an injury or death is catastrophic, having life insurance to replace that loss of income may smooth some pain.  


Your thirties are a busy time of life and taking some time to answer a couple of key questions can help with the volatility.  These are just two of 13 questions to ask yourself – for a complete list reach out at Garrett@Ascendinvestment.com

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